What is Pelleve?

Pelleve is a non-invasive radiofrequency procedure to help reduce fine lines,wrinkles.and tighten skin without needles or surgery.


How does Pelleve work?

Pelleve is a non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that utilizes radiofrequency energy. This energy gradually heats the skin deep below the surface, and causes the collagen to contract. In result reducing wrinkles, and tightening of the skin.



What to Expect During Pelleve Treatments?

Pelleve is a safe, and comfortable procedure that does not require any downtime. Pellevé wrinkle reduction treatments usually take 45 minutes in some cases up to an hour. During the procedure, patients will feel a deep warming sensation. The treatment is not considered painful and anesthetic is not needed. Typically, three or four sessions is recommended to achieve the best results. Pellevé is considered a lunch-time procedure, meaning that patients can return to their normal routines immediately following treatments. Patients may experience some minor swelling and redness, but the side effects will not last long.


Is Pellevé right for me? This procedure is ideal for anyone who wants to tighten and firm areas on the face, neck, jaw line and eye area. This anti wrinkle treatment has been cleared by the FDA to treat mild to moderate facial wrinkles for most skin types.

How do I prepare for this treatment? There is generally no preparation required before having a Pellevé treatment but please arrive well hydrated. Ask your doctor if you should discontinue certain topical products or medications.Also speak with you doctor regarding certain autoimmune diseases, as certain patients cannot have pelleve performed.

Is the Pellevé treatment safe?

Clinical studies have proven that the Pellevé treatment is a safe and effective way to reduce wrinkles without surgery. The side effects and discomfort are minimal, and no drugs or anesthetics are used during the procedure.

How soon will I see improvements after treatment?

In most cases, patients can see a slight improvement with 24-48 hours after treatment. However, the process of rebuilding your own natural collagen takes time, and will continue to build over the next several months.

Is the treatment painful?

No, In fact a pelleve treatment is virtually painless. Pelleve does NOT require anesthesia. Most patients comment that it feels like a hot massage.

How much does Pelleve cost?

Eyes Only-$250.00 Make an appointment and mention that you saw this ad, and get your forehead for FREE a $325.00 value.

Full Face-$450.00 Make an appointment and mention that you saw this ad, and get your neck for Free a $350.00 value.